Increasing Sleep Quality

Sleep is the body's way of restoring organs and tissues and repairing from a long day's work. When we don’t sleep enough or have restless sleep, our bodies take a toll. Chronic sleep deficiency can raise risk of heart and kidney disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and/or diabetes. We have know of a few natural tricks to improve your quality of sleep and keep your body healthy.

1. Limit screen time.

Blue light radiated from your computer, tablet, cell phone, and television keeps your body from producing melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that controls your body’s circadian, twenty-four-hour cycle, rhythm that regulates your sleeping and waking cycles. Straying away from our electronic devices a half hour before bed can improve your sleep. Instead of spending time on distracting devices let your body relax by reading a book or practicing pre-sleep rituals.

2. Breathe in steam.

A steam shower is a useful and simple way rest and de-stress, which can promote healthier sleep patterns. Take a hot bath or shower and inhale the steam from the water while you relax your mind unwind. Heat releases stress in muscles and in the mind, which makes it easier to fall asleep and restfully.

3. Regulate temperature.

Temperature plays a major impact on the quality of your sleep -- the temperature of your bedroom can affect your sleep more than even loud noises. A bedroom temperature of around 70F or 20C. The wrong temperature can inhibit your sleep and could increase the time you spend tossing and turning.

4. Healthy diet.

When you eat better, you sleep better. Our diets have a big impact on how our body functions. Cutting out things high carbohydrates and incorporating lean proteins, healthy fats, and foods that are high in antioxidants, like vegetables and green tea can increase healthier sleep habits. As always, limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol, both are an impact on your sleep quality.

5. Go outside.

Both fresh air and exercise can also promote a better, more restful sleep. Just twenty minutes out in the sun is enough to help you get a more quality sleep. Even simple movements and a cardiovascular effort like walking or doing yoga can get your heart rate up and increase your health. Time outside makes a big difference in your sleep -- even the sunlight helps regulate your circadian rhythm.