The Beginning

I had been working for many years at a major organic mattress brand where I helped build and create organic mattresses. I found that I had grown a passion for mattress design over the years and I had a core group of mattress retailers throughout the country that were getting feedback from consumers as to what was missing in the industry.  I was always intrigued by a rubber supplier in Sri Lanka. I knew about the unique feel, smell, and story. One the rest of the world coveted. It was the best kept secret in the US natural mattress market. The oldest rubber manufactures, established, owned their own plantations, and they employ over 30,000 people on the island. As the thought grew in my mind I decided to invest in making a mattress collection that matched the characteristics of this rubber. After 18 months of testing the product design in a retail environment in Berkeley California, we redesigned the collection based on the feedback of the consumer. This is truly the reason the collection is so unique; it was built by the consumer rather than by a group of mattress factory guys.  Next, I partnered with my co founder Andy Freedman and we were ready to launch this brand across North America. We selected a small group of the best retailers in North America and launch the brand.  It is our desire to grow with the best retailers so that the product can be experienced in the same mindful manner as when we began this journey.  Our objective is to offer a pure sleep product that provides years of comfort and satisfaction.


Here is what ultimately makes our mattress and latex special- our rubber supplier owns their own plantations and has for four generations. There are fewer steps in processing. The sap from the hevea tree goes straight into the molds for the mattresses instead of every other latex bed on the market being made from dehydrated rubber bought as a commodity from a broker. This gives us more control and a purer latex while being made through the dunlop process. Because it is so fresh it is supple and buoyant. Knowing the rubber lasts a long time we had to find a long lasting and quality fabric. So we elected to use a North Carolina vendor that helped us create a luxurious yet upholstery grade fabric that would last the extended lifetime of the mattress core itself.


Overall the line was designed to allow the customer to create their own comfort. Everything, including our pillows, are made for you to create your own product and comfort. We know every body is made differently and has separate needs so we went on the venture to make a product as unique as you are. What does that mean? They are customizable: we have overlay products that allow customers to create their own comfort layer. Because the mattress itself for such a long time but our bodies change over time you can change out the toppers that will make you have the perfect fit again.


At Ergovea we try our to the best of our ability to uphold our responsibility to protect the planet. We’ve invested in a roll pack machine and all our mattresses are compression packed. This brings our carbon footprint down one third from traditional mattress shipping methods. Rubber trees are one of the best filtration systems that nature has to offer and for one hectare of rubber trees pulls out 250,000 metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere. Our rubber supplier also employs 30,000 local Sri Lankan citizens. They own their own plantations and in addition, 10%-15% of the rubber is provided straight from the citizens of the community through a co-op system based on their traditional beliefs. They are a publicly traded company under European Union this verifies that they are held accountable for employment pay and treatment requirements. We are made and sourced in the United States and do our part to support American manufacturing. All the mattresses are GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified, the fabric is certified organic cotton, and Oekeotec certified our fabrics as toxic free. We use chemically safe fire retardant solution through our silica which is Greenguard and Oekeotec certified. Each of our components are individually certified and our finished product is also certified to prove that we are using only chemically safe and certified raw materials.