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Our Story

 This photo was taken on Brandy's family ranch located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, in continuous operation since 1907.

 This photo was taken on Brandy's family ranch located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, in continuous operation since 1907.

The serene landscape of the Northern California Foothills is the canvas that Eco Bedroom Solutions was built upon. It’s impossible not to be inspired by nature's song and instruction of living.

We believe that healthy sleep is the foundation of your life and overall well being. Eco Bedroom Solutions’ products are naturally better for you and the environment. The certified organic material used in each product comes from renewable resources and are always certified by third party agencies.

Our mattress and bedding collections utilize what mother nature provides. We believe natural fibers and materials are less invasive to the body thus leading to a better night's sleep. We have searched the globe for the finest and most certified organic and natural materials. New partnerships and collaborations with some of the best manufacturers have allowed our inspirations to come to fruition.


Our Team

Collectively, we have over 40 years in the sleep industry. Our goal is to grow with our retail partners, through product integrity and responsiveness. We are inspired by servicing the needs of our retail partners by offering an uncompromising collection of quality artisan made organic, chemical-free products.  Brandy and Andy have a synergistic relationship.  She is Eco-chic and he is the Ivy league educated "mattress Pro".  Together they make Eco Bedroom Solutions.

Brandy Alvis, Founder

It’s often said that the only constant in nature is change. Season to season, year to year. So nature has a lot to teach us about adapting, evolving and thriving through change, and I am an eager student. It reminds me that I am growing and shifting along with the earth beneath my feet and the trees around me. Eco Bedroom Solutions is my latest endeavor.  I’m proud of my last 10 years leading the organic bedding category along with some of the greatest personalities in this niche. But, like nature, I wasn’t about to stand still. Those years were the building blocks to something greater, Eco Bedroom Solutions.

Andy Freedman

Andy Freedman

"The only source of knowledge is experience", Albert Einstein.  

Andy's 30+ years within the mattress industry is the fundamental knowledge behind Eco Bedroom Solutions.  Andy's reputation was built from the simple promise, actions are truth.  Andy brings his experience to the Organic/Bedding category in a manner that hasn't been done before.  His relationships within the industry offer EBS a unique competitive advantage.